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Qualities of an Outstanding Salesperson

Sales, Skills and Success

To be a successful salesperson, one should be knowledgeable, goal-oriented, and highly engaging. Top performing sales professionals are resourceful and can implement effective solutions. Due to the wealth of information available on the internet, customers have unlimited access to information regarding a product or service. Vincent Bonitto claims that to generate a significant profit, individuals must possess the necessary skills to help them land a sale. He outlines some of the main traits a sales professional should have to increase revenue.

Active Listening

Salespeople have strong communication skills and are experienced when it comes to providing excellent customer service. Consumers can quickly lose interest if they feel as though a sales professional is not addressing their needs or concerns. The goal of a sales agent is to determine how their product or service can benefit a consumer so they should strive on asking intelligent follow-up questions. Vincent Bonitto claims that it is important to establish trust and rapport with a prospective customer.

Pre-Qualifying a Prospect

An advanced skill that a salesperson should aim to develop is the ability to prequalify prospective customers. An effective sales representative should be able to quickly identify whether or not a customer will benefit from a specific product or service. As a result, sales agents will save a substantial amount of time as they will only be pitching to individuals who are interested in the particular service.

Objection Prevention/Handling

At some point during a conversation, a prospective customer might have objections or may state that they are uninterested in purchasing your product or service. Rather than allowing a customer’s protests to close the opportunity to complete a sale, Vincent Bonitto states that there are methods that an individual should utilize to prevent or minimize conflict. This includes adopting strategic ways to ask questions and taking the time to prepare answers for common objections.  

Product Knowledge

When selling a product, it is imperative that you have extensive knowledge of the primary benefits and work to establish a sense of value. Highlight the strongest features and be to sure to tie them into the needs of the customer. Having a sophisticated understanding of a product allows a salesperson to provide relevant information that a consumer needs to make an informed purchasing decision. People respond well to enthusiastic sales people as they are both informative and engaging.

Vincent Bonitto & Trusting an Experienced Professional

With extensive industry experience, Vincent Bonitto claims that it is imperative that salespeople utilize the above techniques to increase their annual revenue.

Understanding the customer’s concern and offering clarity and assurance that a product and service can in fact satisfy the need that remains plays an extensive part in maintaining conversations to close sales and secure future repeat business.

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