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As an integral part of the marketing team at Southern Glazers, Wine and Spirits, Vincent Bonitto has been promoted to Marketing Manager. He first began his professional career with this company roughly fourteen years ago. In addition, he was later recruited away from his former company and given a position in sales and marketing.

Vincent Bonitto | Southern Glazers

At Southern Glazers, the company believes they should go above and beyond to meet their trading partners’ expectations. In fact, they stress the importance of exceeding expectations and overachieving. This is where a well-trained marketing team shines. The company serves suppliers and trading partners alike with a commitment to excellence in service. In addition, it delivers cutting edge technology as well as open communications with every organization.

vincent bonitto working

Vincent Bonitto has his own contributions to this company. His task is simple yet quite difficult to master. He is responsible for crunching the numbers and analyzing the data. In particular, Vince maintains relationships with suppliers as well as trading partners. He offers information on sales trends and is able to predict future sales accurately. On top of that, his dedication to suppliers and trading partners is to provide helpful data files in addition to reports on all products.

Personal Life

In his private life, Vincent Bonitto is a loving and proud father of two. He places heavy emphasis on spending time with family and would never miss a family gathering. In addition, he currently resides in Pembroke Pines and frequents the gym when time permits. He also partakes in training sessions with his eldest college-age son, who aspires to be a professional football player.

On this website, Vincent Bonitto wishes to build a brand for himself that his children can be proud of. As a father of two loving sons, he wants to set a great example for his children to follow. In addition, as a hardworking individual, Vince hopes to become a beacon of hope as well as pillar of inspiration for struggling individuals that are trying to make ends meet.

“A father is a man who expects his sons to be as good as a man he meant to be” -Frank A. Clark